ThorFi Partners With Betswirl

As we at ThorFi expand our portfolio of products and utilities, GameFi is a major focus of attention. Our new partnership with Betswirl, a decentralized gambling platform, gives $THOR token holders access to their games and offers an additional revenue stream. Let’s take a deeper look at Betswirl and what this partnership means for you.

Fully decentralized and cross-chain Betswirl seeks to be a fair, non-custodial, licensed, trustless and community-driven platform. It values story-driven and entertaining casino games with beautifully designed visuals. Current games include Dice, Coin Toss and Roulette; more are coming soon.

ThorFi is supplementing Betswirl’s liquidity on AVAX in exchange for a portion of Betswirl’s future AVAX partner protocol revenue and until we recoup our initial investment, we will receive an extra 5% return. We’re excited to be the protocol that onboards Betswirl to the AVAX chain as it offers great support, especially through fast transaction times and low fees.

Why We’re Betting on Betswirl

Benefits to ThorFi include the financial benefit (partnering with AVAX and receiving the built-in advantage of Betswirl’s “house edge” and a new utility offering). For our community members, you’ll get access to Betswirl’s casino-style games using the $THOR token and any potential winnings, plus a portion of the revenue will be used for buybacks, increasing the $THOR token price. See below for a breakdown of how our “house edge” funds will be utilized.

Flowchart for House Edge allocation

Another key benefit is that accredited gaming certification lab @BMMTEStlabs has certified Chainlink VRF (utilized by Betswirl) as compliant. This confirms it as truly, verifiably random, meaning that no cheating is possible. It also allows Betswirl to fully utilize online gambling purely using blockchain.

With all of that out of the way, we encourage you to head to where Betswirl is currently LIVE!

This is a big step for ThorFi as we push into GameFi and keep forging into the future.

With thanks to our community,

The ThorFi Team



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